Friday, 17 July 2009

SunFlowers for Vincent - Full Pic

Here is a quilt I started as one log cabin block, and then it grew into all sorts of directions. Sometimes I added fabric pieces, and sometimes I added more wonky type log cabin blocks. It will be a wall hanging and I will wonky machine quilt it.

SunFlowers for Vincent

Close up of SunFlowers for Vincent

Who Threw a Monkey Wrench into the (patch) works?

Here is a quilt I made where a number of us made quilts using the inspiration of a quilt pictured in Kaffe Fassets book "Museum Quilts". There was a fascinating quilt from the 1700's, which had a multitude of blocks around a center medallion. Kaffe had done his own rendition, and the group were going to do their own too!. I took one look at the quilt and knew I could not do something so intricate, so I made it my own, and decided to pick on theme block, the Monkey Wrench, and build from that. I have little blocks placed within the Wrench, and it uses mostly Kaffe Fasset Fabrics. This was fun, and I'm glad I made my own adaptation - as I was able to actually finish it!! I machine quilted it on my Huscvarna machine, Lily.

Who Threw a Monkey Wrench into the (patch) works?

Here is a close up of my Monkey Wrench Quilt


Here is a picture of my Quilt called "Poppies". I made it for a colour-class I was taking, where you had to buy the border fabric first, and design the body of the quilt from it. The border is so bold I just made squares of coordinating fabric, and lay them on the diagonal. Every so often I would include a square of the border/feature fabric, or, make a wonky log cabin type block to look like a poppy. I hand quilted this quilt.

Poppies - Close Up

Here is a Close-up of my "Poppies" quilt. I've made a wonky log cabin to (sorta!) look like a poppy from the feature fabric.

Flower Boxes IV

Here is a Quilt I made called "Flower Boxes IV". Its made from non-measured cut strips of floral fabric, various sizes. After sewing up some psuedo log cabin type blocks (I like to call them "boxes") I fitted it together on the floor. When ever there was a gap I could not fill, I added a piece of fabric. I machine pieced it on my little Bernina, and its become one of my favorite quilts.

Flower Boxes IV

Here is a Quilt I did called "Flower Boxes IV". I cut unmeasured strips of different floral fabric and made log cabin type blocks from them. I had a mental picture of how I hoped the quilt would turn out in my mind, and I quite pleased at the result! I machine quilted this on my little Bernina. Its one of my favorite quilts and I will continue to explore this theme.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Baby Quilt

Not a terrific picture (I will improve, I promise) but here is a baby quilt that I made. I thought the smiles the suns gave, as well as the nice sunny yellow colour, would be nice, and I liked the contrast with the Dots in the sashing. This was for a baby girl, and I inserted a small bunny as a "surprise" for her to find. I made another for a boy, using blue dots, and inserting a small pic of a dog for him to find. This was a fun quilt to make.