Friday, 17 July 2009

Who Threw a Monkey Wrench into the (patch) works?

Here is a quilt I made where a number of us made quilts using the inspiration of a quilt pictured in Kaffe Fassets book "Museum Quilts". There was a fascinating quilt from the 1700's, which had a multitude of blocks around a center medallion. Kaffe had done his own rendition, and the group were going to do their own too!. I took one look at the quilt and knew I could not do something so intricate, so I made it my own, and decided to pick on theme block, the Monkey Wrench, and build from that. I have little blocks placed within the Wrench, and it uses mostly Kaffe Fasset Fabrics. This was fun, and I'm glad I made my own adaptation - as I was able to actually finish it!! I machine quilted it on my Huscvarna machine, Lily.

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