Saturday, 16 January 2016


Well, I'm not sure how to merge 2 blogs into one, so I will discontinue the other one and continue on with this one.   I only had a handful of postings on my new blog, so I will attempt to use this post as a catch-up.

I now have the time and ability to quilt again, so in the past few months have made a few quilts and finished other UnFinished Projects from before.. here are a few photo's of what I've been able to accomplish since October:

Sprocket Cushions, using a tutorial courtesy of Cluck, Cluck, Sew.   The 2 little girls who were given these cushions for Christmas are very happy with them.  I highly recommend making these, they are fun to make and put together.

Mixed-Up NinePatch Quilt for a sister, also a Christmas gift.  A number of years ago, before my quilt-interruption, I had promised her a quilt made from colours of her choice.  Well, about 5 years later she finally received it!

A new project I am making from small Scraps... just starting this one, not sure how it will look when finished, and will work on it in bits and pieces when time and my inclination permit. Who knows, it might just end up being a potholder!  Or, maybe even part of a king-sized quilt (though I had promised myself many years ago, never to make a huge quilt again!

And, now my newest project which I just picked fabrics for this morning.  I haven't figured out the design for it yet, but think it will have some cool logcabins in it... The colours make me think of dreaming, so I have a feeling it will be named something dreamy :)  

Some of you may recognize these fabrics from a few years ago - you're right, thats when I was building up a serious stash.

I'm glad I built a good stash back then, as fabric was less expensive compared to now,and for the most part, I'm still very happy with the fabric I had chosen.   I have told myself that I will not buy any more NEW fabric until my current stash is used up, but we all know that's a promise made to be broken!  I will track the progress of this quilt on this blog.

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