Saturday, 2 March 2013


March 2, 2013

I am not as prolific as I used to be.  Perhaps its because I had double jaw surgery just shy of 2 months ago.  Or, maybe its because I like to listen more now, than I used to.  In any event, I do see that I have been distracted and I need to get back to my hobbies, and especially back to Quilting.

I am sitting in my quasi-quilt room right now - its a spare bedroom that shares duties as an office and a quilt room.  Its cluttered and at the moment is in the process of being de-cluttered so that I can repaint it at some point over the coming weeks.  

How does one de-clutter a sewing room?  Not easy as I tend to keep every scrap - I can't stand throwing any little tidbit away, and have baskets and boxes of oddly shaped bits of fabric that I know I will use - one day!

But I tackle the job as I am also, after many years of dreaming, about to spread my quilting passion into a brand new quilting space up at our cottage.   I will have a new room, 12x12 feet, available to me, as well as a large storage closet in the new basement and in a closet of a spare bedroom closer by. Finally a space for me big rolls of batting.  I am thrilled and very eager to start setting up the space, but at the moment its being painted and I have to be patient. Not so easy.  

New Quilt Room. 

Having a new space become available to me has allowed me to decide to move the majority of my fabric storage, threads and books to the cottage, and keep a smaller, more compact quilt space here in our condo.  

I hope that will allow me to keep a better focus on the "project at hand" and not get distracted when I see fabric in my collection that is calling to me! 

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