Sunday, 10 March 2013

Almost Ready!

My new quilting studio is coming along.   I travelled to our cottage yesterday and was able to see the progress on the quilt room - and the cottage itself too - but I'm most excited about being able to have one complete room dedicated to just my quilting.  I have already started to move fabric over, and I didn't think I had all that much until I began packing.   Many many boxes and tubs later, I changed my mind - I have a lot of fabric and it all started because I will save the tiniest of scraps  - for some unknown reason!

So now I wonder if my room will be big enough?  I want to keep my fabric in more spacious shelves and holding bins so that I can view it better, and so that it won't be unhappy living in cramped spaces.

But, the room itself has some great light and lots of windows.  It will be a great day when I start to set up my sewing tables and machines in this room, now occupied by saws, tools and dust!

This photo is looking towards new Q-Room from the covered deck - no, the garbage bag does not contain my beloved fabric scraps... I could never do them the injustice of living in a dark, closed black plastic bag !!

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